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Tensar Corporation is well positioned to provide customized, technology-based solutions for common site development applications on a global basis. We have over 120 business development personnel located in 16 countries, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Czech Republic, Dubai, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Spain. These locations are further supplemented by hundreds of representatives and distributor personnel. This extensive network provides the broadest footprint in the industry, capable of quickly providing customized site solutions anywhere in the world. To assure easy availability of our high performance products that form the basis of our customized solutions, Tensar Corporation has manufacturing locations in the United States (Morrow, Georgia and Evansville, Indiana), Blackburn, England and Wuhan, China that feed a worldwide network of distributors and stocking locations worldwide. To date, Tensar products and systems have been provided in over 85 countries.

The strategic intent of Tensar Corporation is to be the recognized global leader in providing solutions to preserve, stabilize and reinforce soil and pavement.

Our products and services create faster, better value. When compared to conventional site development solutions, Tensar's technology-based alternatives are faster to install, incorporate higher performance, remain reliable in application and are more economical - creating an enhanced bottom line value through upfront cost savings that are often coupled with long-term life-cycle cost savings.

Our goal is simple: wherever we see earthwork environmental or infrastructure development, we would also like to see a Tensar solution…one or more products, applications or services provided by one or more of our subsidiaries. With this in mind, we seek to develop, improve, license or acquire site solution technologies, products, applications or companies that extend and enhance our value proposition of being a “one-stop provider” of technology-driven site solutions.