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At Tensar Corporation, there is a strong belief that training fosters innovation and improves on-the-job productivity by increasing an employees' confidence and skill. As a result, training has always been an integral part of the Tensar experience. We invest heavily in our employee's development to maximize the success of our company and the success of our people. In addition to professional skills, Tensar Corporation focuses on industry and technical training to help our people keep up to date with emerging technologies relative to our business. By constantly learning, our people are able to push the boundaries of current technology, providing more efficient ways to increase the profitability and effectiveness of our solutions. We also share our technical training with our distribution partners in an effort to provide a consistent message to our customers.

By investing in our people, Tensar Corporation is able to stay competitive and provide innovative solutions to our customers. “By continuing to develop our people, we are able to drive the company's performance," states Don Meltzer, CEO of Tensar Corporation. Providing our workforce with the right tools enables us to pursue our “Everything from the Ground Down” strategy of providing our customers with leading-edge, high performance solutions for all of their site development needs.