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AuthorTensar International Corporation

DateNov 10 2016

EarthLock™ Now Available Online at National Home Improvement Retailer  

Tensar Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of products and engineered solutions for site development and infrastructure, recently launched a new line of consumer geogrid products, which are now available online at a national home improvement retailer. 

The three lightweight products, EarthLock™ Hardscaping Geogrid, EarthLock™ Jobsite Geogrid and EarthLock™ Retaining Wall Geogrid, feature Tensar’s revolutionary Tensar® TriAx® Geogrid or Tensar UX technology. 

Perfect for do-it-yourself homeowners or small contractors, all three products are easy to handle and cut in the field as well as easy to transport by car or truck. The product lines require no skilled labor or specialized equipment to install and no sewing is required - a simple overlap is sufficient for adjacent rolls, which saves the customer time, money and materials.

“For more than 30 years, Tensar has been innovating solutions to common construction problems. I am excited to provide these innovations to retail customers,” said Scott Edgecombe, Executive Vice President and General Manager - Western Hemisphere, Grid West. “DIY-ers and contractors can take comfort knowing that when they install an EarthLock™ product, they will only need to Do It Once™, then move on to the next project.”

Each EarthLock™ product is designed to tackle a common problem faced by homeowners around the country. EarthLock™ Hardscaping Geogrid locks aggregate into place providing greater stability under gravel or sand under a patio or pathway, EarthLock™ Jobsite Geogrid is an easy-to-install solution for soft soil problems and EarthLock™ Retaining Wall Geogrid uses Tensar UX technology to efficiently reinforce segmental block retaining walls.

Tensar’s market expansion into retail after decades of research, development and site work experience is a breakthrough for customers who are looking for more accessible professional-grade products. For more information on the EarthLock™ Geogrid products, visit