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Products Overview

Our product range includes Tensar® Geogrids, Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Piers™ and North American Green® erosion control products.

Tensar® Geogrids are highly efficient, durable polymer grid poducts suitable for stabilization or reinforcement of soil aggregates. They are also light weight and easily handled.

As a result of this attractive combination of features, this product class is highly suitable for use as structural load-bearing elements in many demanding earthwork construction applications like the stabilization of roadways, railtrack and other paved and unpaved areas subject to traffic of loading.

The company also manufactures products for the control of soil erosion and sedimentation. Those include rolled mats, both permanent and biodegradeable as well as mulch products for sprayed application.

Finally, the company licenses foundation technology through its subsidiary Geopier® Foundation Systems.

Product Literature